BLOG: Why I give up and maybe you too!

The other day I stopped thinking about my trajectory with Blender. The first time I heard about it was in 2008, when my brother, still in college, gave me the news that there was a free software to do all those things that we liked: Animation, models for games, etc … That night , we downloaded Blender, we turned around the cube for a few moments, we looked for what to do and we gave up in less than 2 hours.

The following year, I started the postgraduate degree in “3D Animation and Digital Game design” by PUC and, to my surprise, Blender would be the software to be used. It was so throughout the course.

Since then, I’ve been going through tutorials, videos, training, tests, podcasts … and I always give up. I spend some time without opening Blender and after some time: I return and I follow tutorials, videos, training, tests, podcasts … And then, I asked: Why do I give up or why do we give up?

I do not know about you, but every time I’ve walked all these ways, I’ve always seen and see works much better than mine! I see fantastic illuminations; perfect compositions; detailed patterns, and seamless textures, and then I give up: I simply give up. I give up because I see at that moment that I am very far from reaching a medium level; I give up because I do not have the necessary multidisciplinary knowledge and I close Blender and give up and move on …

However, the point is not what others can do. The point lies in the way that I (or we) am (or are) going through! Believe! It’s not about being the best (not really!). This is what I or you or we are revealing through our art. And, frankly, I believe the best are not the ones who model, texture, compose the most technically perfect scenes, but those who add something, in fact.

Why look at the entire ocean if the nearest waves are all we need to worry about so our boat does not overturn? What do you think of focusing only on a project and on this project you learn what it takes to deliver it as you thought it, dreamed, planned? Not as that artist would, but as you would.

I quit because I compared my limited knowledge to the knowledge of Blender’s greatest mentors in the world. You know what? I do not give up anymore, because I no longer compare what I know with what is available to know in the world. I compare my progress with the progress I made yesterday and close my eyes to the infinite meekness of possibilities. My project is my focus and the way to achieve it is full of challenges, but challenges that I can achieve and complete. What do you think about that?

Leo Blender Toon


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