Nothing better than start this blog talking about Japanese food!

In this Jonathan Kim’s tutorial we will have a great explanation about Blender Freestyle
with a fast and simple model.

This is the final result you will reach following this tutorial:


In this tutorial, Jonathan teaches how to model everything (plate, sushi, sticks), but if you want to focus on freestyle, you can skip video to 14:15, where Jonathan starts talking about materials. However, if you want to follow the modeling process and the strategy he has used to get that model, follow the entire tutorial (Recommended!)


Highlights from this tutorial:

  • This tutorial does not use any complex shader option. It will enable the option SHADELESS, transforming the material in a solid color material.
  • FREESTYLE is based on EDGE detection, it basically draws detected edges (it depends on configuration).
  • MARK FREESTYLE EDGES (Ctrl + E) is an essential option to mark EDGES initially not automatically detected by freestyle.
  • LINESETS are configurations of line types we want to render. We can create several LINESETS to get different render rules.

Something not mentioned during the video tutorial: Always name materials you will use. Give them easy to remember names. It will be important when working with complex models.

Watch his tutorial and let us know what you have discovered:

Nice work and enjoy!!

Leo Blender Toon

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