BLOG: “It does not make any sense!”

Spoiler alert: This blog post is not for professional modelers, animators, riggers, etc… This blog post is for those who does not make this for a living!

 Great! If you are still reading this post, it means you are not a professional… That’s essential: You know you are not a professional! “know thyself” That’s the best thing we should learn and it is hard, strangely hard!

So, you know you are not a professional and that is good, but that is also bad! If you are not a professional, what are you doing? Why are you spending so many hours behind your High-Resolution display modeling, animating, learning, rendering 3D stuff? Why are you capable to stay awake until late picking that amazing model you are planning since last week?

We live in a world where “time is money” and everybody believes that we should spend time in what makes money for us… Like a machine. I always think that what others think about us is irrelevant, but the problem is: Sometimes (or usually) we think we are wasting time on it (3D), because it is not making money and we don’t see any future on it… We charge ourselves a lot! And this is a frustration… and that is sad!

If you are one of us… You need to know something: Money is not everything! One thing that I have discovered and set for myself is: I will not be a 3D professional artist! This is not my target, anymore!!  If that happens, I will not refuse it and I will love being a professional 3D artist, but only if it is a consequence, not an incessant search…. Do you know why? Because I love spending time modeling, animating, learning, rendering and I love seeing my results improving, my limits being broken and this is what I want… This is our vocation, our calling, you know what I mean? Stop getting frustrated and enjoy your Blender or any other 3D software journey!! This is what you love, right? That’s the reason to spend so many hours in front of that stuff, by the way!

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” Viktor E. Frankl

Leo Pessoa from




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