BLOG: Who is your art for?

This is a good question I have for you: “Who is your art for?”

I know you have usernames everywhere: All Blender, 3D, CG websites, communities, blogs, social media, everywhere! Every single day you are working hard to show your art and value to this entire community and you never give up. This is amazing! However, my question keeps the same: “Who is your art for?”

I’ve been watching lots of series made for children on Netflix with my little daughter! (And those who has little babies at home knows what I mean when I say “lots of”). Guys, you have no idea how many technical errors are present on those featured series!!! If they post their results in all communities we use to post our art, they would receive terrible critics! Trust me… it would be ugly!

However, they are not creating content for artists… They are not creating 3D animation for critics… They are not creating all of that material for 3D artists! They are doing that for children, for those who just love what they do! My little daughter loves it! And that’s the point here!! You are always sad about all critics you receive in the community and most of the time, you are doing amazing things! Probably, your art level is above the average of all those TV series… But, you are sad, because the professionals have several improvements to point in your material every time.

Do you remember my initial question? So, it is time to answer that: Who is your art for?

It is time to focus on them! Who is your public? Is your public part of your community? Do they follow you on twitter? Instagram? Show your art to them! Forget about the 3D artists! They are professionals… I am sure you are not looking for it… You want to show your art! Your feelings… Go there and get your public! Know who is your art made for!

Leo Pessoa


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